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CTF: Around The Pyramid

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I made a CTF map today.

Since I'm often playing on the Mrgreengaming Server on MTA I explored the map editor a lilbit and made some maps, but these where shit. This one is a better one now. You have some Vehiclechangers in it so it wont be boring; team red's base is reachable over a short way over escalators with Sanchez's (But the players are not able to keep the Sanchez's after, since I think it would be boring if bikes could drive on the whole map; they cant really ram each other). The spawning cars are cheetahs, but there are some other cars to get too. Nitro and repairs are spreaded over the map too. I'd like to see my map on the server soon, if you like it. Screenshots are attached too.


Photo of the Red Team's Spawnpoint:


Photo of the escalators:


Photo of Blue Team's Spawnpoint:


Photo of a part of the area:





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Sure the red base is able to enter.. Through the escalators onto the roof and then on the other side of that roof the red flag is.. Or did I miss something? If so, please Post a Screenshot where the gap between the reachable and not reachable part of the roof is, cause I'm on mobile. :)

And why should your name be the author :o ?

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That makes me wondering.. I'll try to remove this bug tomorrow or Friday, since I'll be going to bed in some minutes. Do you know from which side it's not able to pass through? Up- or down side of the stairs? :o

Hmm, I don't understand that.. I never opened one of your maps in my editor. And in the xml I type my name every time. Hm :D

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