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Reporting morsique


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Christ you really are getting paranoid aren't you


First of all this is an old ass recording from what I see


And second of all that map has two spawns with a hunter and a tank and he just decided to pick a tank and you want to get him banned


Then remove all the dumpers tanks and hunters from all the maps that have them cause I was reported for smashing others with a dumper on a map where actually the dumper was put in to disturb the cars


I'm sorry i know i should not be replying to this topic but i had to express my feelings about his stupidness

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this was recorded today (check vid date)

And this map does not have any hunter ,

and third I was second when he started blocking , and he cost me the race ( not the first time) and I reporting him now.

I never asked these vehicles to be removed but he should not be blocking , with any vehicle,


P.S. dont want to turn this into an arguement with you but in this section there is a text that says you should only post if you are involved, please respect the rules

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#1 Saying this an old recording i based on the 1-5 places greencoin prizes appearing on the general chat, it's not like that anymore


#2 I thought it was Pachanga's map 'pick your vehicle' or something like that it looks exactly the same it has a tank and a hunter spawn above the ground


#3 I don't want to fight either I'm just saying if the tank was put in the map then it's certainly not for racing

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This is NTS in the mix server where only first 3 places get coins.


While blocking might be annoying sometimes, we only take actions if a player does it repetitious.

We get lot of reports of people being angry there race got fucked up and asking for bans and stuff, but if someone is blocking an incidental race we won't ban the player for that.


If you can proof this player is constantly blocking in the mix by adding extra screens or video's we might take actions.

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