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Building Contest: Build the Best Faction Base!


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Hello Everyone,



This map, I've decided to go ALL out on building an epic base. I usually just make an obsidian sphere with a castle like surrounding, but I'm completely redoing my style and doing something different. 


I do find, however, most factions just stick themselves into an ugly water cube or underground obsidian shack and call it a day on their base. This makes the maps dull and boring. 


This is why I've decided to create a Building Contest for the server! (I won't enter myself). It'll be boring if I'm the only one that makes a big base and everyone just lazes around in water cubes, so I want some competition! Additionally, this will give players a motivation to play (perhaps our long missed admin Clavus who likes building) other than PVP, which will PERHAPS aid our flailing player base. 


Mathijs will handle rewards. 


The contest will end halfway during the map, giving players time to build and use their prizes in pvp. Assuming normal maps are 2-3 months, the contest will end April 20th, in which that time I (or a possible admin) will judge your bases. 


If I end up judging, I will base my decision on the following categories:


    Outside Apparel: How the base looks from a raider's point of view


    Inside Apparel: How the base looks from the inside


    Contraptions: How many cool redstone, mob traps, etc you have, and how they function


    Functionbility: Is your base all looks or does it do it job? (ie. TNT proof, easy to defend or not, secure)


    The "X" factor/bonus: Anything that makes your base pop out from the rest


To enter, put your faction name and your leader down below. 


Edit: Mathijs will judge my own base, so I'm entering.




Current Entries:


Demacia: JBMorion



Barbarians: Arild_



Radical: VibeRating



Manatee: Monkeybalzac



Texas: Procofiev



Despicable: Tribalmind

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Well, Mathijs said he'd help me judge, so I guess I'll enter :). Here's some pictures of my base in progress, I'm about 40% done, haven't really added any detail yet. Tell me what you think!


Our f home:



Enchanting table :)post-11153-0-57676800-1364354259_thumb.p


One of our player's rooms



MrDarkness made a shower :V



Colored sheep farm!



Our base at night from the outside.. walls are a bit bland but that'll change










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