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More clan imposters

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Someone joined today, just a few minutes ago, named -]alw[-DickHead from France.  No idea who it is.  My first though was it might be pondf1ller but this guy can't drive for shit.  Why do people insist on putting clan tags on that are not in the clan?  Do people hate us that much?


I did report him as well.  Thanks admin team for looking into this.


Le Tic

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Unfortunately he isn't the only one, I personally have no idea on how to react to these reports.. I mean they didn't do anything wrong but they were reported for imposing themselves from a clan they don't belong.. So I usually try to speak with them first, most of the times I get ignored so I just remove the clan tag from their names, sometimes that works most of the times they just put the clan tag back so I have no option but to ban them(max 72h),


The issue here is I don't know where we stand as far as clan imposing and in the last few weeks there have been a quite few players reporting others for this kind of event.


As for "DickHead" I'll see what I can do.

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Look at there IP and see what other names associate with that IP or serial ...     Offenders that keep doing the same shit over and over again should get banned for 72 hours then a week then a month then forever imo.


These kids nowdays are never punished for the shit they do, be it from there parents ore others. Teacher and anyone else. To affraid they will get arrested..  We need to go back to the old days where when you were bad the fucking belt came off and holy fuck you were in for a punishing..  Never made the same mistakes or mouthed off to my parents or teachers..


Thats why kids are the way they are online..   Some of the shit they say i just cannot believe it.. and they think its funny..   Always the 12 year olds saying I fuked you grandma and other shit... 


anyways offtopic but ya they fucks need to be punished...

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