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What would you do?  

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  1. 1. You know the situation, what would YOU do?

    • A of course. I'm an honest student and if I fucked up I simply deserved it!
    • B Can't bother to always study on time, + more time until saturday!

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On the 5th May - 2013, you realize "Oh snap, I still have to study for that history test!".

Your history teacher was seriously ill for the last month, so basically you didn't have legit lessons

about the topic you are writing this test about. One week ago you heard:

"We are suppose to study from P. 80 to P. 115, plus the work sheets she gave us."

And now after having spent your week playing video games and jerking around with friends, you realize

that you need to have learned this shit until tuesday - What would YOU do?


A ) "I will learn as much as I can until tuesday like an honest student. If I fuck up, I deserved it!"


B ) "Eat this gorgonzola cheese that is expired for two months. Better luck on the catch up test on saturday!"


I already know what I'm going to do, but I'd like to know how the rest on here would react ;p

Simple and fast post

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