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Recent changes. (not a rant)

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Greetings Kleiners.


The other day I was ranting to Pufulet, amongst others, about the new changes. (which I deeply apologise for since he had no direct control over this). I am sure his reply was something along these lines: 'Ywa is just having fun at the moment'. I don't understand this, at all. If he is having fun with the gamemode then why aren't we? I love Mr.Greens, it was my first zombie survival server, it may sound weird but is it like your first serious relationship, this is why I cannot simply let go of the server and go play on another one, this is why it makes me angry. Also I have made some great friends here, the community is great..THE KLEINER ALIANCE! :D Although the recent direction of the server is confusing me, If people don't like cading then why make it the only way of winning? Is it because it is easy for the new players? Which is understandable.


I want to embrace the changes that are being made, I just can't. 


Your killing me Mr.Green. 


Thankyou for reading. 



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Barricading may seem more like the way to survive because zombies are more dangerous now. I am fully aware of this and the reason for most of the zombie buffs is because you could only be truly effective by prop-killing which may sound alright for some regulars but for the mass of players it was a problem.


I want to make it so a player does not need prop-killing to have some effectiveness against the humans. The reason the fast zombie became more powerful is because It is intended to be the optimal class for runners which it was not.


All I can say is just carry on while the mod becomes rebalanced for humans and zombies in a more enjoyable way for both humans and zombies while keeping the ability to survive running or barricading.

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I don't know where you got that idea from Box.
But in the defense of any players that might of said that the game is based around being a human...

  • Kill Zombies
  • Get Eaten
  • Kill Humans
  • Redeem
  • Repeat.

You're always aiming to be a Human again, and when you are you're trying not to be another Zombie.


I don't want this topic to be just another 'ER MA GOD ADMINS DO WAT WE SAY' one. I want to take away the line that's drawn between the developers of the new ZS and us, but so far I can't see them trying to win the players over.




We all know that this server has major potential.


If you guys aren't busy could you maybe make some kind of post on the forums, tell the players what you are doing, it will shut them up.

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