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A "Darkest Days" map, official map that will (hopefully) represent the gamemode!

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Today I want to share something fresh with you people.

I've been working on this around 10 hrs only, but the result will be really good. Screenshots below.


Okay, so since it's official, let's keep it official. The map will be called dd_darkest_days. It will represent the gamemode as a city in the times of a civil war happening.


The idea is, 2 teams reds and blues are 2 different factions. Reds are civilians and blues are government. The map isn't big, but bigger and more open (with more parkour available) than dm_lockdown, for example.


The map right now is in Work-In-Progress stage (haven't even compiled it yet).

The city will have enterable buildings, many props, enough open spaces and many ways to go. 2 areas: Road way that goes near the sea and a small flooded street with crashed cars. 2 factions will have their spawnpoints.


The atmosphere will be dark, rainy, foggy, storm, fires in the city, in the 3d skybox and lightnings in the sea.

The ambience just as well.


I was also planning to make a trailer to the gamemode, but that will take a while + not until I'm done with my exams.


So yeah, time to show you a few screenshots in hammer!

Be ready for real screenshots.


Remember, I worked on it only 10 hours with breaks and that's it, but I have much in plans to add and change.





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