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Ragnarok Online 2

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So I gave a try to this MMORPG 2 days ago. I love the concept. Really epicly done!

If you like the genre of anime with giant swords, magic and such you might like this.


So, why the heck am I making this thread?


Come play people! 

The game is really fun. Has a lot in it, and most impotantly, it's long!

I personally have started with it 2 days ago as I mentioned earlier and am really curious to try out a lot.


Let me introduce it a little:



As all MMORPG, this one has classes.

5 Classes:







So what are these?

Archer - Wields a bow and uses all possible skills with it. It's actually the hardest class in the game but has neat abilities. And yet works as a great support if in a party. Can slow down, stun, etc.

Swordsman - Wields a sword/greatsword with some epic abilities, buffs. Wears heavy armor that protects him from many treats. Technically a powerful hero, even if melee, he's an ideal buffer and tank in a team.

Thief - Wields a dagger, wears light armor. His attack speed is really quick. At high levels (25; 50) reaches neat ranks like Assasin. I don't know his abilities, however. I only know that he has some buffs.

Mage - A ranged hero that can wield a staff. He uses elemental magic. Fire, storm, ice and others. Wears light armor (cloth, basically).

Acolyte - This is what every team needs. An acolyte is a mage who wields a mace and uses healing spells to keep his team alive. He himself isn't that powerful as mage nor swordsman (something in between) but can keep himself and the rest of the players alive with his spells. Wears light armor, something like Archer does.


So... you just keep leveling and unlocking given amount of spells?

Not only.

When you level, you have goals to reach.

For example, if you reach lvl 25 you may change your rank from, say, Archer to Ranger. Or from Ranger to Beastmaster on Lvl 50.

The levels are long to gain, the best way to accomplish them is to complete quests, however.


Other than that, when you create your character, you are also given the option to select his job.

He can either be a cook, blacksmith, clother or alchemist.

Every of these jobs has good stuff.

For example, a swordsman can be a blacksmith and craft weapons and armor for himself or for selling!

All he needs is resources and learning how to craft every of these items.


Same stands for clother. However, instead of digging rocks like blacksmith, he gets fur off animals/other monsters and uses it to create armor.


Alchemists collect plants and other ingredients and use those to create potions.

Potions are like #1 what's mostly aimed for by everyone. Most players who are alone and play non-party prefer to buy potions of buffs or for keeping themselves alive. That's why potions are commonly sold to everyone.


Cooks now use ingredients that they collect off animals or anywhere else to make food.

Food gives buffs like potions or heals the player while he stands still and isn't attacked by anyone.


Every time you make something with your job, you get experience. You have 2 different exp systems. 1 - You level up as a hero and 2 - You level up your job which allows you to learn more crafting recipes and create more powerful weapons/potions/armor/food, etc.


And yet there are dozens of quests, especially "Khara quests" that you can challange to get a reward, mostly sound like "Reach lvl 20" (and you get some Khara points for it). Khara points are used for accepting different challanges. Those challanges give you a specific amount of job xp/money/titles. Titles give you attributes when you equip them. They also appear near you name once you do so.


Finally, there are cards. Cards are thingies like Titles but instead they have images of a creature, they represent a monster you got it from (the drops are quite rare, sometimes, however, you may get 5 in a row). Depending on the monster's level, the cards also have better attributes with each level.




Now, I probably won't be able to talk about everything, about the entire game, so I'll skip to the last thing I wanted from you guys:

People, come play! Let's make a party and maybe even a guild! This will be really fun to play, I assure you C:.


The game is free, check it out!

(The trailer is weird, I can agree with that)



P.S: Trailers are really weird, yeah.

The 1st vid is more or less epic, tho.

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