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Ban request TUCO

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EDIT : please move it to Bans and Unbans section, just noticed i made the topic here.


This guy TUCO is just a troll, he comes in just to insult and block everyone.


Nazi racist and asshole.


He tends to change nicknames often lately he's also known as pussy.so.wet, or LONE-STAR-RIDA, his main name is TUCO-LONE-STAR-RIDA. 




^You might wanna mute this video due to the noisy commercial on the radio.




^He's going off the track to fuck other people's race.


\/ His usual behaviour when he's online ( here he's enjoying fucking up my race ).


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It's great to call someone a 'nazi racist' when they (maybe) insult you. Makes sense.


With all due respect, you don't know d*ck. You never play this game so how could you, but TUCO talks about Hitler a lot in the way below


WHAT THE HELL??? Tuco never talked about Hitler he even once talked in polish to you he never been a racist , you are the guy who always hated the turks on the server!



so how long is Tuco banned now?

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