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BAN ' angus' !! Mix server!

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That's funny cause here you are blocking me the last round and laughing about it  (read chat window)


I blocked you cuz u keep blocking me and secondly those screenshots are useless cuz I let Ford-gt40 win the race in the 4th screenshot


Dont mess with my race and I wont mess yours kid









and btw here are more screens









Now talk kid?



This guy blocks everytime in the server, starts talking shit when I join the server




You have no life kid? go outside.

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just tell me why you copy SS from other topic of eaz ; that was since 3 month ago! and eaz was like you always bloking and ramming!

so its your turn now and every one here knows that you will see ! you dont have any prouve !

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Nice fail quote bro.


Everyone know you block people unnecessarily in the server


you're an immature kid who doesn't even play the full race if you're losing and therefore start to block/ram others


and you say its my turn now? lol

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