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Sergioriv abusing, banned without a reason.

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Well first Sergioriv  was muting me, abusing me, insulting me, provoking and finally banning me.


here are some screens, what more can i say? this isnt the first time Sergio is talking to me like this. (not only Sergio talks to me like this  but also the whole server and then they wonder why im always mad)



dont know what to do and dont know if it makes any difference to report an admin.


sincerely Tuco.



gta_sa 2013-06-25 21-48-32-78.bmp

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First of all, you will be banned permanently, and you know why? because although daily insults to the players, now what you've done is edit the picture and write on it things that I did not say, nice try, but eventually you get the permanent ban, things I didn't say, I would never say this: "fuck your mother german nazi".

I just had banned you one day, and other administrators also have done it too in other ocasion, so it's not the first time that you insult and disrespect people.

You're funny, you'll see exactly what happened:


[21:47:06] <MrGreenMTA2> Official-TsK: noob tsk
[21:47:08] -MrGreenMTA- Report was submitted by Trollikene. Subject: TUCO. Message: He is mouthing off to other players TUCO
[21:47:16] <MrGreenMTA2> *** BYEBYE left the game (Timed out) [24/32]
[21:47:18] <MrGreenMTA2> *** eadqqe joined from Russian Federation. [25/32]
[21:47:19] <MrGreenMTA2> FordGT-40: i will test
[21:47:20] <MrGreenMTA2> Personalizado: i close scape
[21:47:20] <MrGreenMTA2> Meow.: :D
[21:47:27] <MrGreenMTA2> *** SergioRiv left the game (Going to Race server) [24/32]
[21:47:28] <MrGreenMTA2> [DoN]wonas: kkkkkkkk
[21:47:28] <MrGreenMTA2> *** BYEBYE joined from France. [25/32]
[21:47:29] <MrGreenMTA2> THEMoroccanJOB: LOL
[21:47:33] <MrGreenMTA2> [N*Y*G][email protected][email protected]: aaa meow :D
[21:47:35] <MrGreenMTA2> .:SDK:.: lol
[21:47:37] <MrGreenMTA2> Jesus: haha
[21:47:40] <MrGreenMTA2> Personalizado: cat to water
[21:47:40] <MrGreenMTA2> [N*Y*G][email protected][email protected]: u was good :)
[21:47:41] <MrGreenMTA2> FordGT-40: ^^
[21:47:46] <MrGreenMTA2> Official-TsK: ford go
[21:47:49] <MrGreenMTA2> Personalizado: go ford
[21:47:50] <MrGreenMTA2> FordGT-40: je cherche
[21:47:51] <MrGreenMTA2> Haig: aller estelle! :P
[21:47:54] <MrGreenMTA2> Official-TsK: en bas
[21:47:54] <MrGreenMTA2> FordGT-40: il es ou
[21:47:59] <MrGreenMTA2> Jesus: en bas de toi
[21:48:01] <MrGreenMTA2> *** SergioRiv joined the game. [26/32]
[21:48:06] <MrGreenMTA2> *** TUCO->lone-star-rida joined from Germany. [27/32]
[21:48:06] <MrGreenMTA2> Personalizado: wb riv
[21:48:07] <MrGreenMTA2> .:SDK:.: bb tuco
[21:48:08] <MrGreenMTA2> Haig: ouai
[21:48:09] <MrGreenMTA2> SergioRiv: ty
[21:48:12] <MrGreenMTA2> [Lancer]Unrealt: bb
[21:48:12] <MrGreenMTA2> TUCO->lone-star-rida: why?
[21:48:13] <MrGreenMTA2> [N*Y*G][email protected][email protected]: fight, fight , fight !!! :D
[21:48:16] <MrGreenMTA2> TUCO->lone-star-rida: why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??
[21:48:16] <MrGreenMTA2> SergioRiv: fuck tuco
[21:48:17] <MrGreenMTA2> Jesus: 1v1
[21:48:19] <MrGreenMTA2> SergioRiv: banned 1 day
[21:48:22] <MrGreenMTA2> Personalizado: go fight
[21:48:29] <MrGreenMTA2> [Lancer]Unrealt: go go sergio
[21:48:30] <MrGreenMTA2> TUCO->lone-star-rida: ohh fuck me?
[21:48:30] <MrGreenMTA2> [N*Y*G][email protected][email protected]: ford get nitro :)
[21:48:32] <MrGreenMTA2> SergioRiv: go to hell tuco
[21:48:32] <MrGreenMTA2> [DoN]wonas: #ffffff|͇ ͇  #88ff00|͇̿ ͇̿ ͇̿|#00ff00 |͇ ͇
[21:48:34] <MrGreenMTA2> eadqqe: lol
[21:48:35] <MrGreenMTA2> eadqqe: hahaha
[21:48:36] <MrGreenMTA2> Jesus: haha
[21:48:37] <MrGreenMTA2> Personalizado: lol
[21:48:40] <MrGreenMTA2> Personalizado: he survive
[21:48:43] <MrGreenMTA2> [Lancer]Unrealt: lol
[21:48:43] <MrGreenMTA2> [N*Y*G][email protected][email protected]: yep
[21:48:45] <MrGreenMTA2> *** [DoN]Santiii733 joined the game. [28/32]
[21:48:50] <MrGreenMTA2> [N*Y*G][email protected][email protected]: ^^^
[21:48:52] <MrGreenMTA2> Official-TsK:  /next
[21:48:58] <MrGreenMTA2> [N*Y*G][email protected][email protected]: jump on him!! :D
[21:48:58] <MrGreenMTA2> Personalizado:  /ban
[21:48:59] <MrGreenMTA2> TUCO->lone-star-rida: okay Sergio ban abuser
[21:49:00] <MrGreenMTA2> *** MaRuLeTe joined the game. [29/32]
[21:49:04] <MrGreenMTA2> Official-TsK:  /kick
[21:49:06] <MrGreenMTA2> Haig: is it me or are they lagging?
[21:49:06] <MrGreenMTA2> [DoN]Santiii733: #00FFFF|̶ ̶ ̶ ̶| |͇̿ ͇̿ ͇̿| |͇ ͇   |̶̿ ̶̿ ̶̿ ̶̿|
[21:49:08] <MrGreenMTA2> [DoN]wonas: #ff0000|̶ ̶ ̶ ̶| |͇̿ ͇̿ ͇̿| |͇ ͇   |̶̿ ̶̿ ̶̿ ̶̿|
[21:49:10] <MrGreenMTA2> [N*Y*G][email protected][email protected]: ford is winner, more healt :)
[21:49:11] <MrGreenMTA2> ANAL_TERROR:  /tacos
[21:49:11] <MrGreenMTA2> Jesus: it's you
[21:49:12] <MrGreenMTA2> MaRuLeTe: HOLA SANTY
[21:49:12] <MrGreenMTA2> SergioRiv: sure, report me if you want, you're banned 1 DAY, so tfu
[21:49:13] <MrGreenMTA2> [Lancer]Unrealt:  /ban
[21:49:13] <MrGreenMTA2> Official-TsK: c'est toi
[21:49:13] <MrGreenMTA2> [DoN]Santiii733: new gamemode
[21:49:14] <MrGreenMTA2> *** Sick left the game (Timed out) [28/32]
[21:49:17] <MrGreenMTA2> *** KLM-Chickenbutt>R left the game (Timed out) [27/32]
[21:49:21] <MrGreenMTA2> [DoN]wonas: go ford
[21:49:25] <MrGreenMTA2> TUCO->lone-star-rida: why am i banned?
[21:49:27] <MrGreenMTA2> Haig: i guess so :P
[21:49:30] <MrGreenMTA2> TUCO->lone-star-rida: whats the reason though?
[21:49:33] <MrGreenMTA2> [Lancer]Unrealt: for noob
[21:49:34] <MrGreenMTA2> SergioRiv: because you're insulting the whole day
[21:49:37] <MrGreenMTA2> [N*Y*G][email protected][email protected]: run!!! :D
[21:49:38] <MrGreenMTA2> MaRuLeTe: PIOLA
[21:49:39] <MrGreenMTA2> Jesus: lol
[21:49:40] <MrGreenMTA2> [DoN]wonas: #ffffff|͇ ͇  #88ff00|͇̿ ͇̿ ͇̿|#00ff00 |͇ ͇
[21:49:41] <MrGreenMTA2> TUCO->lone-star-rida: bahahahha
[21:49:42] <MrGreenMTA2> eadqqe: lol
[21:49:42] <MrGreenMTA2> TUCO->lone-star-rida: sure
[21:49:43] <MrGreenMTA2> Personalizado: lol
[21:49:43] <MrGreenMTA2> FordGT-40: gg lool
[21:49:43] <MrGreenMTA2> MaRuLeTe: 2
[21:49:45] <MrGreenMTA2> * A vote was started [Random/Play Again]
[21:49:46] <MrGreenMTA2> MaRuLeTe: 2
[21:49:46] <MrGreenMTA2> eadqqe: 111
[21:49:47] <MrGreenMTA2> SergioRiv: of course
[21:49:48] <MrGreenMTA2> Jesus: hahaha
[21:49:48] <MrGreenMTA2> [N*Y*G][email protected][email protected]: great job :D
[21:49:48] <MrGreenMTA2> Personalizado: 2
[21:49:50] <MrGreenMTA2> SergioRiv: go cry
[21:49:50] <MrGreenMTA2> [DoN]Santiii733: 2222
[21:49:50] <MrGreenMTA2> * Vote ended! Results: Play Again
[21:49:50] <MrGreenMTA2> * Map started: [DD] Dynamium / Gamemode: Race
[21:49:50] <MrGreenMTA2> MaRuLeTe: QUIERPRPBAR
[21:49:50] <MrGreenMTA2> Jesus: the times
[21:49:51] <MrGreenMTA2> *** fdays left the game (Quit) [26/32]
[21:49:55] <MrGreenMTA2> * Map started: Cross L15 DD / Gamemode: Race
[21:49:56] <MrGreenMTA2> [DoN]Santiii733: :o
[21:49:56] <MrGreenMTA2> Personalizado: faq
[21:49:57] <MrGreenMTA2> .:SDK:.: SERGIO
[21:49:58] <MrGreenMTA2> Jesus: dead man
[21:49:59] <MrGreenMTA2> MaRuLeTe: XD
[21:49:59] <MrGreenMTA2> *** Opiekacz_do_lodow joined from Poland. [27/32]
[21:50:00] <MrGreenMTA2> Jesus: come at me bro
Of course I told you some of that things, because I'm tired of kids that are the whole day instulting others without no reason, but remember you're banned forever for what you have done right now, I never said that "nazi" phrase, nice try editing the image.
Edited by Sergio_Riv
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