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Mr. Green Gaming


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Gameserver: MrGreenGamin Server mix
Edad: 16
País de origen: Colombia
Enlace a Perfil Comunidad Steam *: No
Nombre Mta san andreas **: NickYahoo Mta san andreas
Poco algo acerca de su auto y por qué usted piensa que está en condiciones de ser administrador:


Hi my name is Daniel Felipe, my Nick is NickYahoo'm mrgreengaming Colombia, I like languages, I speak a little Brazilian and English .. my favorite hobbies is to go to the gym .. being with my friends .. and laugh a lot I want to be admin already and seen by many people .. who want to pass by other people ... as a clan ... get a fake nick are not theirs and there is no amdin at that time, then I want to help them and to help other people who need it  :) .. mta game two years ago: D I'm good ... even warp .. admin mrgreengaming player and help him with many false and the bans: D

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