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So about the playerlimit

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Hey guys, long time!

I've recently found my way back into the MIX server as I find the diversity of the gamemodes quite fun!

However, it has occurred to me that the MIX server is simply just not big enough. I mean we're clocked at a 32-max player limit with usually 32 guys playing around. I find that troubling, since our race server can hold 3 times more of that.


I would like for the active players and community to express their opinion and provide ideas as to how we could maybe raise the limit a little? Sure, it's never going to be 128, but anything above 32 is a good place to start!

However, it could be tricky as to how we're going to provide the same gameplay quality. This is why I need all the ideas I can get. Remember, most maps DO NOT have more than 32 spawnpoints. This is easily fixable in the race server, since we would just turn the ghostmode on. But not the same can be said about gamemodes like manhunt or DM, where ghostmode would ruin everything.


So there's that. I know that we probably won't be able to do anything about it, but who knows? So does anyone have any bright ideas about how we could implement a higher player limit? It would be really great if we found a way. :">

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Sorry Bin I don't have any bright ideas but I do agree with wooozie. 

The race server generally peaks at 70 except on some weekends so it's kinda reasonable if we downsize the player limit on the race server in order to increase it on the mix.


btw, welcome back.

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Personally I think we have a lot of crap maps in the MIX.

So if we make an effort to edit all our maps to make more unique spawnpoints, wouldn't be a bad idea.

The maps wich are too small, or simply not good enough, we can just remove then.

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