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GTA SA variable driving skill

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What value is "driving skill" variable set on the server? For the reference, driving skill player stat in GTA SA that increase cars' traction. If it's at maximum (it is so by default in MTA race mode), I think this is very wrong. Why? Because higher framerate increases vehicle traction already. Try to play singleplayer without fps limiter (my pc gives something like 120 regardless of settings). Car will turn on dime and even brake by itself if you just let go of accelerator! Furthermore, it's totally playable at 25 fps when "driving skill" is zero, and more fun because car will slide more, I think good players should agree. Although difference isn't really big. So, I think we should set this variable to zero.


Addition: server runs at 45 fps (mix server at 60), and GTA SA is designed for 25 fps.

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