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Random Markers Script!

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For all mix map makers out there. I've made a random markers script. Basically, when you hit a marker you will receive a pickup that can range from a full repair to a rocket and more,


It works for all gamemodes on mix, except shooter!



This script will be updated regulary, once i have more ideas to add as a pickup. But since it's a resource include you don't have to worry about updating your map.


How do you use it for your maps? (click on show spoiler)

There are two steps to this.


1. In your map editor, place the object "2908" ( kmb_deadhead ) everywhere you want a marker to appear.



There are three things to remember: 

  • Don't place a marker (head) where a spawn is, the player should drive into a marker and not spawn in one.
  • Don't place too many markers (heads), or else it will be no fun because of it. 
  • Don't use the object "2908" for anything else but the markers, because everywhere you put one, a marker will appear on the server.



2. Open your meta.xml, and put this under <meta>:

<include resource="map-RandomMarkers" />

So it should look something like this: 

<meta>    <include resource="map-RandomMarkers" />    <info gamemodes="race" type="map" name="mapname" version="1.0.0"></info>    <map src="mapname.map" dimension="0"></map>    <settings>        <setting name="#skins" value='[ "cj" ]'></setting>        <setting name="#maxplayers" value="[ 128 ]"></setting>        <setting name="#useLODs" value="[ false ]"></setting>        <setting name="#gamespeed" value="[ 1 ]"></setting>        <setting name="#ghostmode" value='[ "false" ]'></setting>        <setting name="#time" value="7:0"></setting>        <setting name="#vehicleweapons" value='[ "false" ]'></setting>        <setting name="#minplayers" value="[ 0 ]"></setting>        <setting name="#weather" value="[ 6 ]"></setting>        <setting name="#gravity" value="[ 0.008000 ]"></setting>        <setting name="#waveheight" value="[ 0 ]"></setting>        <setting name="#respawntime" value="[ 5 ]"></setting>        <setting name="#locked_time" value="[ true ]"></setting>        <setting name="#duration" value="[ 750 ]"></setting>        <setting name="#respawn" value='[ "none" ]'></setting>    </settings></meta>








Drops barrel behind you on use.






Repairs your car on use.




Drops a haybale behind you on use.





Jump on use.




Gives you NOS for 15 seconds on use.




Shoots a rocket on use (similar to the gamemode "shooter"


Super Ram


On use, it makes your vehicle go very fast in the direction it was going, and then returns to the original position.



Gives you a tec-9 to shoot with for 7 seconds.





Gives you a SpikeStrip to drop behind you. If a player drives over it, it randomly set flat tires.


The pickups will be adjusted with the gamemode, for example "Race" does not have the pickup "SuperRam" etc.


If you have any suggestions on what to add next, or if there are any bugs, feel free to post it in this topic!



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Can we please have this on the race server? ;)

if the script work for the race I do, I have some good maps to use



It works, Dogshit made a map with a sript like that some time ago... "OMGWTFBBQ!"


It's not the same script, i was going to ask dogshit to make it a global resource but obviously he isnt here.

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