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Retard's MTA Admin Application


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Gameserver: MTA Server
Age: 19 (born on the 2nd February 1995)
Country of origin: Portugal
Link to Steam Community profile *: -

Minecraft name **: -

Languages spoken: Portuguese, English and understand Spanish and a bit of French.


Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:


Some of you may recognize me, others may not. 

Started playing MTA since the early beggining, and joined Mr.Green's forum on 2009, as it can be seen on my profile. 

Before Mr.Green, I had admin experience on 2 other servers, so at the time I thought I was fit for the job.

Started to play more regularly at Mr.Green's server and decided to give it a try. Despite a few stepbacks, I got accepted and became an admin here, at Mr.Green's MTA race server.

Due to a weak PC and because I had to focus on school, I had to leave MTA gamming and went offline for 2/3 years.



Why am I applying again?


Recently I acquired a better PC and, by chance, found the GTA SA CD on my old stuff, and realized I missed this, the whole experience, racing and the people I've met here along the time. 

I have been playing for a month already, and I believe I will continue to play even after University starts again.

Despite seeing admins online, I believe that there should be more control on the server, as it is popular amoung players. Sometimes there are players flamming, insulting and even ramming/blocking and there is no one to do the proper measures and control the situation.


Since I believe there is a tiny "gap" on the admin field, and being myself an old ex-admin here that knows the "rules", I think I'm up to the job and will bring experience to the admin community on the MTA  server.



Best regards,



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When i read "Retards mta admin app" i thought this topic was going about that players that play 2 months and make an Admin Application lol..


ah, good luck.

Not at all, as you can see I have way more than 2 months of experience in the game.

Thanks! :)

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