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I dont accept your argumentation with to long. This makes no sense. For example mr green has Promap, which is on Server lists. Top1 Hijack ~ 13 Min. My Map ( [sGA]DOOZYJude - IUISO[ARE-YOU-INFERNUS-PRO?] ) Top1 Hijack 8:40 minutes.


We have at least 5 longer maps at mr green! Above all look at Promap. Its a map where only Pros reach a long distance. Its a fact. In my map you can pick the "noob" way. This way is a bit longer but much easier(not in the youtube Video). After all my map was tested by many people who hasn´t much skill and all of them arrived to the end.


I´m willing to admit that the wallride at minute 4-5 isnt so easy If you have no car skills. But thats all... This map has really much security aspects. <_<




But still I want to hear your opinion face.

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This map is also manageable for "noobs" -the not so skilled racers- . -> there's a noob way at hard parts except from two tiny loops at the beginning and the end. But after all, Jude could remove or edit the hard parts or split the map into two parts to make it be uploaded. There's always a way.

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isiritis, if you're talking about the map doozyjude rev.3-map, i really liked this map but you know, most of the players that play in our server are not pros, I'd really like if you make some changes in hard parts to make it easier, or at least make a shorter version, 8 mins or less



split the map into two parts to make it be uploaded

yea i also like this idea

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Ok thanks face. Im working on this map. Sorting the hard parts out [ The Start way loops, Big Wallride and put and some leading things into the slim dangerous parts] Also the Pipe-Rollercoaster will go. Everybody should pass this map successful after this modifications :P 


The Map will be 7:30 - 8:30 I think.



Upload here next days :)



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Here it is B)


The level of play is in between to the "Source"-Map simple. Everybody can pass this map for sure (uncared of time).

How Ive mentioned in the last post. Every hard part is removed now. The target to reach this map in under 10 minutes isn´t removed. This means It is easier to achieve this map in the limited time.



Time : ~ 8:30 min


Checkpoints: 59



Also my idea is that somebody might put this map in the achievment lists. Get 50 or 100gcs when you reach this map in under 10 minutes.




Have fun




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