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Players insult me... WHY?


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A few days earlier MetamFetamina insult me (translate: jebedo = fuckedo in polish language) - he had ban for insulting me but still does this... Yesterday POWERMOOSEBOOBS insult me, i dont know why, he has some a problem to me and today after connecting with server, Jesus insult me too. Next guy...  People why are doing this me...





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U insulted me 1st via PM and you blocked me as well on the map so any one should be muted should be you as I did nothing wrong in saying that to you for blocking me INSULTING ME VIA PM INGAME MSG! and Wes and others will back me up you where blocking! & i want justice for you blocking me for no reason! and you insulting me but I don't whinge when some 1 calls me a idiot and other things, jedd grow a pair as I been a admin on BattleField 1942 MineCraft and other games to and I been insulted a lot, if every time I muted or banned some one for insulting me there would be no 1 left on any of these games, so do me a favor and grow the hell up

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Place here screenshots when i insult you or anymore (you cannot admit to yours foult). Im block you on PM because i didnt want see more insults to me. You nor nobody couldn't insult me! If i will block you or each other make a SS.

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you want screenies of me being insulted on BattleField 1942? I admit I insulted you after you insulted me via the Private Msg 1st as I don't care about insults, you had the road train blocking me I got through just in time to finish the NTS with 0.01 seconds to go IF i had more time i;d of screenied you breaking rules, Wes and other I will repeat witnessed it and can you try to make your English little better or speak dutch and I can get a dutch person to translate for me.

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