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Stuck on the Zombies,Restricted Area and No animation for the Zombies

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Then the server reset for the 2nd time i try to play but its impossible! why? The 98% of the time im stuck on a zombie and he kill me and this is very unfair!, 2 survivors left 13 zombies we try to get in the roof of an house and... i get slapped with the message "This is a Restricted Area" i fall and i die, there are a lot of maps with exploits and no shit message so why this is a restricted area if the people can spawn fasties? very unuserful message right? the zombies don't have animation for the crouch (correct me if im wrong im not english) and they get killed! There are a lot of problems like the op bosses the fasties or the f****** howlers!!! Ywa fix those problems its impossible play Zombie Survival properly the server lose players all day!

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couple would be howler spam (howler range + so much shaking on your screen) and fact that people get annoying ass shotguns at the start of the round


and also the crate gives you shitty ass auto sniper that is worse than smg at 1700sp when im againts over 20 zombies on my own, and its the third time today

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