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Warn Shitlersen please.


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Soo this guy [sGA]Shitlersen is always insulting me! I know, i insult him too, but i stopped doing that! I always ask to stop and he doesn't..

I don't have every chat message from him insulting me.. And i instulted too, but he is taking this way too far!

Once i told i got 'bullied' when i was in elemantary school cause i had long hair so everybody called me transsexuall. 

And now he always says i am a 'transexuall pussy eater' and stuff! Please, warn him! Or you could tempban him when one of you admins will catch him in the act.. once he told me that i need to stop with insulting.. and then i sayd 'dude, you have the word shit in ur name sooooo' and he said: i dont care, i have hitler too in my name..' so when he was taking it too far i said sHITLERsen and then he told other people i said 'nazi' to him..... I really want to stop the argue but he don't (thats what it looks like) So, warn him please or ban him when you catch him in the act cause this ain't funny anymore.. And i know i insult too to him, but not as much he does :o


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Hey, I wish I could upvote this.  This guy [sGA]Shitlersen is calling me names all the time, he is also provoking and insulting me and other players everytime I see him playing. Today he told me how he would like to kill my family (in the german language) this guy is nuts. Unfortunately I didnt take any screenshots.


However I would appreciate it if an admin took care of this.

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Yeh can't disagree with the others about my behavior. I only insult people, who are insulting, annoying as fuck, blocking and destroying the race or write down stupid statements/things.

Knul i accepted ur request one time, like u wrote down. But after that u did that shit again. So deal with it. U annoyed me again and i fired back. Now u are complaining about it.

i don't complain about being called a son of a bitch/dog or whatever for an example by that wet_pussy guy or other things, because i fire back, like he does aswell

It's funny to see that Knul is only one, who wrote his own faults too. Claps for that!

Reason for mistakes in the text: Smartphone and 2 o'clock

Mean Shitler

Edited by Shitlersen
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