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Help! I Keep Getting Kicked.

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I've been playing on the race server for about four or five months now.  All of the sudden with the new MTA v1.4, the race server kicks me, and a window pops up that says the following:


Disconnected: You were kicked by  (Remove your 185 mods.  Only .txd mods allowed)


I used to have mods, but long before I even got MTA I uninstalled the mods and put back the respective original files which I backed up.  I'm also pretty sure that I didn't have anywhere near 185 mods.  Someone please help!

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You can open console (F8) after you're kicked to see which files are modified. From experience, all players who were sure they uninstalled their mods, somehow still had mods, so check again.


The detection is done by mta and sometimes seems suspicious though.

Thanks!  It definitely gave me a direction in which to head so I can solve the problem.

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