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mkkjamz68 admin application [Zombie survival]


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STEAM NAME:skdDevilkiller

GAME SERVER: Mr.Green GMod | Zombie Survival.

AGE: 18


WHY I SHOULD BE CHOSEN TO BE ADMIN ON ZS:hi i would like to join your team and help out the community of gmod servers because don't take this as a offence but there is hardly any admins online on gmod zs and everyday i go on your servers on zombie survival there is always abusers antisocial behaviour etc and i really wanna help out to make gmod survers a safe place for young and old gamers and i see your team as a decent team so i would like to join you and i can be active anytime you want and i am always active on your servers on gmod zombie survival thank you see you guys on the servers :)

Any past experience of admin?> yes on Zarpgaming i have been admin of murder but quit to com here because their admins always afk and don't help

steam link to profile:http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198090487463/

languages:English little bit of Dutch.

hours i play gmod:5+more

Time zone: UTC/GMT +1hour

Thank you for reading my admin application hope you accept me have a nice day

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