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HB-DAN and Iry


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Look at this people ,they are verry mad of but i dont know the reason maybe they are mad because they dont like me hate me , they inslut me verry bad + Block me some admin must to do about this . look at the photos : svkzup.jpg  28jd0d0.jpg

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Boyka, as it was stated in another post made recently about the use of insults on the server, the admins try at best to control the situation and minimize the insults. Never the less, this is the INTERNET, and whether you like it or not, you will always be insulted but you have to learn to ignore it.


In my opinion this is a simple insulting, I don't see the continuous insulting, it's just them being "retarded"


Again, Admins don't allow this, but we can't be 24/7 online...

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