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[Minecraft] jillesstijn64 Admin Application

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Hello everyone, Im jillesstijn64, and I have been a chatmod on the Mr.Green Gaming Factions server.
I've made an apply before, but I got denied, and there was said that I had to try it again when I was a year elder or so, so here it is. (I became Chatmod because of the previous apply tho).

First I will tell why I made this apply, then some information about me and my experiences!

I made this apply because I want to improve the server (see below). I like the server the way it is, no Pay-For-Win server, just the way it needs to be! I like to do things for the server, and I think I have done pretty much for it already... Now I'll tell you guys something about my skills, my experiences with Minecraft etc.



  • jillesstijn64


Skype and Steam Information

  • I have got Skype, and I used to have steam, but I never do something with steam so I deleted it and never look on it anymore
  • My Skype-Name is jillesstijn64, just like my ingame-name, you can always add me if you want to ask me something!


What server?

  • play.minecraft.nl (Factions, or when Balmung changes happen, that server :) )

My knowledge with Minecraft.

  • I have been playing Minecraft since 1.8 Beta, so I know about all the mechanics.
  • I have been admin on several servers (Just servers from friends) so I know the neccesary commands
  • I am able to PVP, build and things related to them (This are in my oppinion the most neccesary things. what else is Minecraft based on?)​​​​

​My knowledge with hackers and hacks

  • I know a lot of hackers and hacks, I have been hacking myself in the past, so I know what kind of hacks to expect
  • I got banned from Mr.Green Gaming about 2 years ago, and after that, I stopped using hacks, nowadays I play legit and try to record as many hackers as possible!
  • I recorded more than 40 people who were hacking. They were all on MInecraft.nl :P
  • I know that sometimes things can be lagg, so if I am not sure, I first send it to one of the admins before posting it on the Forums


My knowledge with plugins

  • I know about all the commands from the World Edit plugin, I know how to use it, how to don't make the server crash by using it, etc. (The last one is really important though :P )
  • I'm not able to code plugins, I never looked up how to do it, and I'm not going to do it in the near future I think.
  • I know all the commands from Prefix (Like /setwarp etc. they are really easy!)
  • I know the commands how to mute someone, the time to mute him and that things (Wasn't sure if this is included by Prefix, and the same counts for banning people.)

I probably know commands from other plugins too, but can't really think of any of them now...


My average weekly playtime

  • ​I play like 40 hours a week, which fully depends on school, I am active from 16.00 until 23.00
  • In weekends I play like 5 to 7 hours a day, and in holidays, I play like 7 hours a day or something! (I know, I'm way too addicted :P )

My experience with Mr.Green Gaming and what I want to improve

  • I have a lot of experience with Mr.Green Gaming, I know almost all the players, and I know who hacked in the past for example.
  • I have been Chatmod on Mr.Green Gaming, so I have some experience with having permissions and things, until I made a really, really, REALLY stupid mistake, which I learned from. I won't make things like that happen again!
  • I want to improve the tourneys, the tourneys were there every week, and when they were, there was an average of 40+ players. I want those to come back, and I think I am able to do that!
  • I want to improve the active admins, the most active admin is xpr0legendx, but he is always on his phone, and never on his PC. like 3-4 of the 5 admins are inactive, I want to change that!

How long I have been playing on this server, and what I learned from it!

  • I have been playing on this server for about 3 years now, and I know some really big mistakes that were made in the past.
  • Problems with plugins. Last time there are a lot of problems with several plugins, for example PowerCounting at the Faction-Plugin is wrong, things like this needs to be fixed, and I will try to fix it as much as I am able to!
  • NEVER do Events like the Creative-Map, the playerbase dropped dramaticly because of this Event, not everybody likes building, and a lot of things got griefed...
  • I have learned to respect other players, no matter what they do!
  • I have learned to ask others for their oppinion, what would they like to see, what do they want, don't only do the things that you think are good, listen to everyone!

Something personal about me

  • ​I am Jilles (Its hard to pronounce in English) and I am 14 years old, I live in the Netherlands. I become 15 in November 2014, which is almost!
  • I like going out with friends, do some funny things with them and all that sort of things
  • I am able to communicate in Dutch and in English, I am doing Bilingual lessons, which means that I have 50% of my lessons in English!

Why I'll keep playing on the server

  • I will keep playing on the server because it was the first server I played on, I have seen people go, and see people come, these days it is still my favourite server, and I like the people who are playing on it!
  • I made some friends on this server, who I still speak almost every day on Skype, and all that sort of things!
  • It's the only server I know without Pay-For-Win, without all the OP stuff etcetera!

Thanks for reading my application, and sorry if there are any grammar mistakes...

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