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NeOx.'s Multi Theft Auto/MIX server application


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Gameserver: Multi Theft Auto / MIX  

Age: 19

Country: Spain

Minecraft name: --


My name is Andrés, probably you guys already know me, I've owned some different nicks, like BelOw#, my current name is NeOx.. I have been playing in these servers since 2012, and the server that I play more is the MIX. I already have been in one clan once, and now, I'm trying to join this community. And, why I want to be admin? yes, I could say the typical sentence, to help others, be active etc... but that's obviously what an admin should do, so I just have fun playing in both MTA servers, moderate some users if they're doing wrong things. My english skills are good, possibly over 7 (in scale 1 to 10). Now, I'm trying to get a chance to be admin in the MrGreen community. And, how much time I have to be active? I'm the guy that prefers playing some times, I mean, in a day I can be playing MTA or Green servers 5 or 6 hours, obviously, not continuously. What do I do? Sometimes, when I have been playing for long time I like to create maps, post it to forums and then be uploaded to the servers. Ah, and be some active in-forums. What should I tell more? Just expect good luck to others, and obviously I hope it to me.




NeOx., BelOw#. (skype123)

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