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Schizo-Boyka Ban request.


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3. Harassment over PM, Insults, Blocking, Mental issues.


Here is a ban request, I don't do these often but when you meet annoying children like boyka who have mental issues.. well.


This is the second or third time he's pulled this infantile crap. He gets crazy when u kill him in DD, he starts insulting you and spamming you over PM and does his best with his limited skills in order to try to block you on NTS. Apparently this fellow has issues with us over being kicked out of our clan (KoM) which he can't let go of, and we kicked him for a good reason - he's mental. He's been warned by warp before but he doesn't seem to get it. So... anyhoo, here are 2 screen shots from last nite along with a PM log.




[00:18:07] BoyKa: sugi
[00:18:07] BoyKa: pl
[00:18:33] BoyKa: .I.
[00:18:38] BoyKa: i will block you all time
[00:18:45] BoyKa: piss a trash
[00:18:53] BoyKa: 180% luck piss a trash
[00:19:32] BoyKa: you sucker


[00:19:39] BoyKa: adsadas
[00:19:40] BoyKa: aslda
[00:19:41] BoyKa: dasdqwdqdqwdwq
[00:19:43] BoyKa: asdasxdasdxa
[00:19:44] BoyKa: xdasdxasdxasdxa
[00:19:46] BoyKa: dxaasaa
[00:19:47] BoyKa: dxsadxasdxas
[00:19:48] BoyKa: dxasdxas
[00:19:49] BoyKa: dxasxdasdxa
[00:19:50] BoyKa: dxasdxas
[00:19:51] BoyKa: dxasdxasdx
[00:19:52] BoyKa: adsxasdxa


[00:19:52] KoM|Chickenbutt: what the fuck is your problem you stupid little cunt? I kill everyone I see, u are no different, ITS NOTHING PERSONAL YOU DUMB STUPID FUCK!


[00:19:53] BoyKa: xdasxdasdxa


[00:20:06] BoyKa: i have a personal porblem with you
[00:20:09] BoyKa: and goldberg


[00:20:11] BoyKa: aksdpakdsp
[00:20:12] BoyKa: skpasjdpasd
[00:20:17] BoyKa: jaspdjapsjdapsdajsdpas
[00:20:18] BoyKa: asdjkpasjdasd
[00:20:18] BoyKa: asjdpasj
[00:20:20] BoyKa: asjdpasjdpajsd
[00:20:21] BoyKa: jpasjdpasjdaspdj
[00:20:22] BoyKa: asjdapsjdpasjdsa
[00:20:24] BoyKa: jdspajdspajsdp
[00:20:25] BoyKa: asjdpajsdpjasd
[00:20:26] BoyKa: jasdpajsdpajspdja
[00:20:27] BoyKa: sdjaspdjaspj
[00:20:28] BoyKa: asdjapsdjasp
[00:20:29] BoyKa: dasjpdajspdas
[00:20:30] BoyKa: jaspjdapsjdasp
[00:20:31] BoyKa: asjpdasjpdjasjd
[00:20:32] BoyKa: sajdaspjdsapjdsa
[00:20:33] BoyKa: jasdpjasdpjas
[00:20:34] BoyKa: jdsapjdsapjdsa
[00:20:35] BoyKa: jaspdjas
[00:20:36] BoyKa: sjdaspjdpasjdas
[00:20:37] BoyKa: d
[00:20:38] BoyKa: jsapdjapsdjasdj
[00:20:40] BoyKa: ajdpasdjpxjapxdjapsxd
[00:20:42] BoyKa: psdjaxpjdsapjdsax
[00:20:45] BoyKa: jaspdxjapfdfpajfasdxjapadsz
[00:20:46] BoyKa: asdjaspdjpxjdwq
[00:20:47] BoyKa: dajsxdpasjd
[00:20:48] BoyKa: qwjdaspjd
[00:20:52] BoyKa: 1asdjpasdjas
[00:20:56] BoyKa: adasjpdasjdpasjdpasj
[00:20:58] BoyKa: asdasdasjdas
[00:20:59] BoyKa: asdjaspdxjpaxa
[00:21:01] BoyKa: daxsjxpasjpasd
[00:21:02] BoyKa: dasdjaspdjasp
[00:21:04] BoyKa: asdjapsdjasdjapda
[00:21:06] BoyKa: jdajspdxjasdxja
[00:21:08] BoyKa: dadxjapxdajpad
[00:21:10] BoyKa: dasjdapsdjxpajdxpas
[00:21:13] BoyKa: dajspdjxapsjdxasadjapsdjapsdjx
[00:21:14] BoyKa: aaxdjpasxdjas
[00:21:16] BoyKa: jdapxdjaspj


[00:24:00] KoM|Chickenbutt: hey, microbrain. What exactly is this "personal problem" you little psycho? :)


[00:24:49] BoyKa: you
[00:24:49] BoyKa: know
[00:24:52] BoyKa: verry well
[00:25:04] BoyKa: rember kom i dont forgot
[00:25:10] KoM|Chickenbutt: And wtf are you doing up at this hour? You should be in bed getting rammed by daddy. Hurry up now
[00:25:25] BoyKa: KoM is still alive then i block you all time



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