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New survival mode with a twist


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I know there has been topics before this about this but since they're all quite old I decided to create this.


Lately I've been watching Syndicates stream and he has been streaming 'Mianite'. It's sort of a Roleplay server just where you can play with friends so its basically survival, except it has a twist.


There should be gods, example for syndicate: Mianite God of Good, Dianite God of Evil, And Ianite God of Balance.


The gods can treat you with items if you sacrifice something for them or you do something for them. They can punish you for bad things that they did not agree with you doing. etc


They can give you riddles, you can troll friends. There can be a purge day every week like the pvp tourneys and on the purge day you can rob anyone but people can make vaults which you have to make a passcode out of redstone and unless people guess it they can't blow into your vault otherwise resulting a temp ban/perm ban.


You can kill people on your team on any day, yet on days that aren't the purge if you do something bad then you can be punished by death.


Just an idea


I thought it was sorta cool :P


Peace <3

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