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Help, "server connection timed out".


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Hey.. so im really tired/pissed of that i can't join the MTA servers anymore. When i click "connect" it stays "connecting to........." and finally "server connection timed out".. Im used to spam the connect button until i joins the server, and it takes about 5 minutes before i can join while spamming. If i've been online in a day and i join later at the same day, it's no problem to join, but when i restart my computer i can't join within 300 clicks on the connect button. i dont know if this is a common error but i would be thankful for some help!


Btw, i can't even join the mIRC channel anymore.

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Okay so i tried to download spybot and scan my computer, it found viruses but nothing related to mta i guess.. And i also tried the cmd but it stood like on MTA: "Connection timed out", so i can't do anything more i guess, thx for help anyways.

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Did you try system restore?

Yep, but no result. The only thing who may help would be to format it, but i think it should exist another way to solve the problem..

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