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My suggestions for mix server

Guest AleksCore

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Guest AleksCore

1. SH gamemode: after player kill another player - his car must be repaired and make low jump + beautiful text on screen(Nice shot, Monster Kill, etc. or 1 kill, 2 kills, 3 kills, etc.) + sounds. No more kamikaze. If you shoot first - you alive.

2. CTF gamemode: I like old ctf when only 1 flag can be hold. If blue team hold red team's flag - red team can't hold blue team's flag. Also maybe this gamemode isn't fun anymore because of too many players. Do something with this. CTF was my favorite gamemode - now I want changes or just delete gamemode.

3. RTF gamemode: idk, it was always boring. Only 1 winner and you must know map good etc etc etc. /delete rtf or change something to make it more fun. Sometimes it's like race. What's the sense to play race without checkpoints and with only one winner? It will make sence if maps will be hard/interesting and big rewards. But anyway 1 winner it's bad idea.

4. NTS gamemode: seems like all ok with NTS.

5. DM gamemode: why we don't have this one? Ah nvm

Support me please or explain why not.

/me rage quit

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