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Help ! Request Ban


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Im Tired of this Problem KoM Swedish s**t Goldberg he block me all time at NTS but when i block him he slay me , and he say with chiken butt im a gypsy i never saw a retard like goldberg and Chiken butt problems with head go to medic take pills bro you need it  , i respect every one but when you are a retard and block you should take care no one piss me off plz some one resolve this shit im tired thx alot someone  should resolve me an admin ;) . I want Peace not war of a swedish who have problems with brain .





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I talked to you on steam, and asked you for proof of blocking, not that goldberg killed you with his kill power. For all i know, he was just doing his job.

I can't see anything wrong here.


If don't like what someone is saying, there is a command /ignore name that you can use.

And if goldberg is really abusing his power or if people are blocking you, you need to get better proof than this.


I'll lock it for now, to avoid a flame war. But if you have better proof (not just of goldberg killing you you), make another topic.

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