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BoyKa, im so fucking sick of how you're acting against me. Everytime i kill you in DD/SH ur comment is "swedish piece of shit", what can i do otherwise than defending myself?? Also in every single fucking NTS u dont even drive, u try to drive above me and block me.


And stop that fucking shit talking "i wanna have peace", because u dont fucking want peace, latest time i saw you spammed me in PM was for 1 hour ago. The real dickhead here is you!

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As i said in the other ban request:



I'm getting pretty tired of this childish behaviour already.

Please grow up and ignore eachother. You both are wrong, since you both trashtalked to eachother, therefore both of you can be penalized for this.


As i told boyka too, if you have proof of him blocking you, report it to the forum, both of you claim you block eachother, but i havent seen one screen where this is the case from both of you, correct me if i'm wrong.


Everyone else who isn't involved, don't post here.



Also, you can't talk shit to people and expect nothing back.


This is pretty useless.

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