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Can't log in


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This is a dummy account I've created because no one can seem to help me in MTA (No admins are ever online. Seriously?) and no one can't help me in the IRC. I've also sent AN EMAIL TO THE HELP EMAIL [email protected]


I've been trying to get help with this for over 2 months now and no one has even talked to me.


I can't log in to my account on the website. I can in game on MTA, but not on the website. Apparently I have no username. 


Get it together and actually help your community.

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Yes, there's an error message, all it tells me is to contact the admin email, which is the one I posted.


The account apparently doesn't have a name. Just an email and password.


I shouldn't have to create a dummy account for this stuff and have to PM a "topcrew". It's pretty ridiculous, this.

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I must have missed your email. Sorry about that.

But I don't get the exact problem. You're unable to login to the website, but yet you're able to make a topic here (which is the website)? If you mean the GreenCoins system by 'website' then I wonder what's not working about it either. Since you have managed to link your GCs account to the forums account through that page.

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I guess you're not a very good english speaker.

This is a dummy account I had to make so I could post. 

The REAL account can't get logged in. I can log into greencoins, because it lets you use the email address registered to your account instead of your username to login.


All I want is for the account to be assigned the username I want so I can log in. That's the only issue.


This wouldn't be an issue if you allowed people to login using their email addresses as well.

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Whoops. Haven't read the dummy-account part. My bad.

Anyways. Send me a PM to your real account member-page (if you are able to find it). Else just give me the emailaddress directly. And provide me with your wished username. Then I'll fix it up.

Logging in by email address worked in the past. Unsure why it's not working now. I'll look into it.

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