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GamingForYou Unban


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I am GamingForYou. I am banned on this server for my own video:

I do not think it's fair that I 'm banned because it was half a year ago. And there is no evidence that it was my computer. Many people have not noticed that I kill aura use something I really do not use . RussianGamersMC = steenooo so he had hacks on his computer. I have long anymore. No hacks I had stopped hacking because I think this server fun. So I find that I have a unban . I'm sad :unsure:  . I am also disappointed that I 'm banned by you while I disagree on this server hacked and now no longer on other servers. So that was my story, so I hope I get unban because I found it a very nice server.


Greeting GamingForYou  ^_^

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