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We got claimed for no reason

PLS UNDO THIS AND REMOVE THE FUCKING PENALTY. TheMonkeys had the same.... Do something about it admins, this really sucks, our base got claimed, for no reason, our stuff has been taken now, for no reason... It is driving me crazy... Can you guys pls undo the claims, and place the blocks back. I didnt even check the power of all the people, but in that screenshot you can see that we should have more than 42 power, and that penalty shit is just bullshit, they did it because some alts got banned or something? Pls undo this shit! Also, fix the faction plugin! *Damn this fucking sucks*


BTW: Can somebody tell me why it is saying that jeroen070, stino159 and hallomj (And the others that you see) are not in my fac when I type /f power (And then one of the 3)? Because this could also be a reason...




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