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Shooter Idea (MIX Server)


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Hey all,


I've been thinking about this idea with Haig.

Wouldn't it be cooler if we had 3 respawn chances and have 5 bullets/rockets, and if you kill someone u get one more bullet/rocket.

And if you respawn u only get one bullet/rocket, so if you kill someone then u have 2 bullets/rockets.

Get it? This would be awesome! Comment what you think of this idea :)


Greets, Knul.


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Da hell lol.. I'm a bit sick of getting first-killed on MH because my noobness on MH, and now I must die 3 times more and see how others die and then respawn.. every round would be like 20 mins with this idea.. you don't even have got time to finish.. anyways, you can fix that idea to other things like car repair for every player that you kill, or keep it the same as now.

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