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[Minecraft] Introduction from your new server manager


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Dear Patrons.


I am Balmung and will be your server attendant this evening.


Some may or may not know, but recently Kodauer has stepped down from managing the Minecraft server and unfortunately for you guys you have me in his place.


Who Is Balmung?


This is a question that a few of you may be asking yourselves if you've joined recently.

I Joined MrGreen in mid 2009 whilst the English speaking side was still called Left4Green, I was an active player on the TF2 Servers and joined the forums near the end of the Year.


After a few months of application and rejection I found myself an admin on the Left4Green TF2 server, I had a great time and everyone seemed to get along, I found myself having to step down from being an admin because of a huge number of reasons.

I started playing Minecraft Classic in September 2010 with one of my school friends, a few weeks later a MrGreen server was set up and I straight away started joining fellow Greens in our quest for dirt.


Months passed and the server slowly became more and more public, Clavus eventually tried out a new gamestyle: 'Faction Wars' This was a big hit among players and I managed to get myself in with a faction called 'Mungol' we had great fun over many map changes, but after the updates which introduced Enchantments and potions and because of drafting laws in Finland, Mungol broke apart.


Since then I came on the server on and off, Then I started playing more and more regularly and eventually became admin on the Minecraft server, as an Admin I felt I was relatively liked by players. I was fair to all and tried to encourage other admins to give certain banned members another chance.


Eventually intensifying work and a love life drained my time and I resigned.


But now, I'm back, and ready to take the server to new heights.


Whats Going To Change?


The simple answer is a lot. NOTHING is certain, I may still go back and change a few things, but here is a sneak peak at some of the changes you may see coming:


To Fight Or Not To Fight

So this is the most controversial of my changes, we WILL be moving away from factions. It's run it's course, and there's a repeating pattern, server comes up, everybody plays for a couple of weeks and the popularity then declines until there's a map reset.

This shouldn't be the case, instead I'll be gearing the server towards player retention,


I'll be focusing heavily on advertising the server to keep the server fresh with new people, we will be looking towards being much more community based.


Whats In Place Of Factions?


we'll be looking at using a town based plugin which will hopefully run extremely similar to how faction wars does now, though I would be looking to make slight changes such as:

  • No PVP in unowned areas
  • There will be no 'degrading' power. Once you claim that land It's yours
  • Owned plots can't be claimed over

We will also be looking to implement some form of in-game currency, Note: This will NOT be Greencoins, It's also unlikely to be integrated with Greencoins.


This doesn't mean PVP wont exist anymore. We will be looking to create special PVP zones (Most likely 64x64 areas) In which anything goes.


You Said You're Removing Admins


I said I might, but after much consideration I decided the best thing to do is to let the current admins contact me, It's hard to tell who is and who isn't active so any admins who want to stay should contact me via PM.

I will however be looking for more admins (I think I have near free reign on who gets picked) in the coming future.


You Said You're Unbanning Everyone


Yup. Essentially what this will be is a new server. Anyone's previous behavior or actions during the Faction Wars Era are forgotten here.




Servers Changing, and so will the rules, I'll have a topic on here and a list accessible from in-game which provides clarity on what is and whats not acceptable.




How bans are handled will also slightly change. I want to steer away from permanent bans, ban times will be set based on severity, Type and number of Occurrences




I've probably missed out some things here, but If I get any good questions about anything I've missed or something that needs more clarity, I'll respond and stick it below here.


Lets make MrGreen Minecraft into something great.


- Balmung

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I'd love to see a change and this sounds really exciting but the factions must stay!

but the server must change because yesterday I was on and some people joined and the first things they said, I can't do /kit I can't do /spawn etc.

people don't understand this server my suggestion is that we make it easy for new people to fit in.

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I doubt if it is a good idea to remove Factions, but on the other hand, the server will get other things back for it! And since you are not able to PVP everywhere, it would be a good idea to make warps where you can PVP, and get there with /warp .... I hope it will become some easier for new players, and I hope that there will be nice changes! I am happy to see some new stuff in Mr.Green, but I am really sticked to Mr.Green Faction Wars, so I hope that the new plugin you were talking about, really is something like you said, so like the Faction Plugin! Anyways, if you need any help, I would like to! (Wow, I also said this to Kodauer every time... Weird....) 

Also, when are those changes going to happen and when will the new admins be appointed?

Anyways, I will keep playing on the server though, I would like to see the changes happen and see what it does with the server! I like a new twist to Minecraft.nl :)

-Thank you for putting your time in the server, and help us out! Jilles

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I don't yet have access to the server so I'm unable to restart that for you.


As for when things are going to be updated I'm not too sure, theres a lot of things that need doing, I currently have 2 admins on board who I need to message. and setting it up is going to be the biggest time consumer.


the earliest I'd be looking to get this all up is  1st November.

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I don't yet have access to the server so I'm unable to restart that for you.


As for when things are going to be updated I'm not too sure, theres a lot of things that need doing, I currently have 2 admins on board who I need to message. and setting it up is going to be the biggest time consumer.


the earliest I'd be looking to get this all up is  1st November.

Thanks :) I don't think it matters that the earliest is the 1st of November, people still enjoy this map, because it is updated not too long ago, I understand that setting the whole server up can take some time! But do you know when you get server access, so you can restart the map? Thanks for putting your time in the server anyways!

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Balmung is an old member here in mrgreen, in addition, he's mature, so no need to a vote at all.

jusr my opinion.

So am I, I remember the days mungol ruled the whole server and I was just a noob. All I want to do with this poll is show balmung that people like this version of factions, it just needs some new active admis (who stay active!) and some plugin fixes.

We should vote about this.


Factions stays a kind of, just an other version of factions! Why wont you guys first experience the new server before saying that it is bad etc.?

But would you prefer some plot thingy/no-pvp server over this factions version ?!

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Option: there are alot of hackers everywhere in minecraft, xray and hack clients make the game stupid. to get rid off these I came to an idea. Its really simple: For people with a hack client we could make a small hub where you have to type .legit to join the server. Why is that? Because hacking clients use . for commands. that means they can type .legit so they cant join the server.


For xrayers: Maybe that anti-xray plugin that makes every block an ore?

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I don't know if I prefer this version or the new one, I would like to try out the new one, and if nobody likes it we can always get back to Factions I guess... Just look what it turns out to and wait what is going to happen. About that PVP Areas, I think it is a good idea. You have big fights, and more people enjoy big fights than fights of 10 seconds. The PVP Areas are just like Tribalminds PVP Arena, everybody enjoyed it, because of big fights and a bit of riscs were involved! And about the (in)active admins, this problem shouldnt be that hard to to solve... But that is Balmungs decission!

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