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Mr. GreenMTA Moderator application - by [SiK]PauerfC_Cl


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Hello everyone,

Jack123, one of the Mr. Green moderators, suggested me to make a topic regarding to the possible moderator function in the Mr. Green racing server.
With this application I hope to become one of the new Mr. Green moderators.

Gameserver: Mr. Green MTA Race
Age: 18
Country of origin: The Netherlands
Link to steam community profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/p0w3rful1/
Minecraft name: N/A

Little something about yourself and why you think you're fit to be a moderator:

My native language is Dutch, but I can also speak fluent English and German.
I have been a member of the Mr. Green racing community for over 4 years, I spent aproximately about a thousands hours playing on the Mr. Green racing and Mix server.
In these years, I think I have proven I am a nice and honest person. But most importantly: a person where you can have a good laugh with.

I hope I am a suiting candidate to fill the function of moderator.

Kind regards,


 -Skype: p0w3rufl1

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