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Put the Plugins back?


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The plugins have been removed, and some of the plugins werent there at the beginning of the map... I want to ask if you can put them back... The plugins I want to be put back is the PVPLog plugin, there are tons of loggers on the server nowadays, and I lost my stuff several times because of them! If it is not possible, I am fine with it, but it would be nice to see them back! I dont think I am the only one who wants to see them back...

Thanks for your attention, -Jill

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Also kod removed essentials, as it's the only thing which could be messing up the ban stuff.

It's still broken though.



Yeah I did some troubleshooting when I was still in charge, it seems the problem is with the server jar itself. There's no updated versions available because of the DCMA stuff going on. 

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