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Why am I banned?


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Ingame-Name: jillesstijn64

Banned by: I dont know

Date of ban: 27-10-14

Why they should unban me: I dont know why I am banned, and for how long, I was logged out, and when I came back I was banned... probably by xpr0legendx or robbi, he was the only admin online I thought... Can this be explained pls... If one of them indeed ban me, can you please tell me why? I think it might come because I logged in on an internet account, but you shouldnt ban jill, but the internet account... 

EDIT: this is really driving me crazy, robbi banned me, I think this is pure bullshit, do something about it! He banned me permanent for it... JESUS, can he be demoted or at least give him a warning, I didnt hack,  I didnt use unallowed mods, all I did was logging in on an internet account, and I got permanent banned... Balmung, please help!


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I banned you for using an internet alt found on the internet. I banned over 150 of those accounts, but there are still a ton out there. A few weeks ago I warned everyone who knew of those accounts, including you, and said I would ban your main account if you continue using those accounts. You kept using them and so I banned your main account, you can still use your two other accounts.

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