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York for Admin?


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Gameserver: Minecraft


Country of origin:The Netherlands

Link to Steam Community profile *: steam name yorkie_pro (dont really use steam)

Minecraft name **:Yorkie_Pro

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:


Hi I'm max A.K.A Yorkie_Pro,


And I am intressted in being an admin for the mrgreen minecraft server. Some of the reasons I want to try out is because i've been in this community for omost 4 years and i've got allot of experience in all points and views, Also I have hacked a long time ago so I know a hacker when I see it. But I don't hack anymore and haven't for over 3 years. But anyway I would really love It to help the Mr.Green Community. If there isn't a admin spot maybe a mod or an helper spot. I just like to help.


Thnxs for reading



unless the server is stopping..

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