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Anyone up for this?


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Just wanting to know if anyone is up for a big fight on a server that allows parties/groups (Probably Badlion) Probably going to be a 10v10, 20v20 if there's alot


Try to keep away from posting anything irrelevant.


Just comment your Minecraft IGN down below and your Skype name if possible. DM me if you want it to be private.


Just for a bit of fun since y'know... MC RIP


If there's enough people, I'll see what I can do :)


Add me on skype: sgtmoore21


Or steam: Kaaai 


EDIT: Your own pvp rating out of 10 (Be honest as this will help me to balance the teams)


Dont think there will be alot of people since most dont check this anymore 

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Skijp: steenooo5 - no DDOS + Spam pl0x

Where is megajosh11? :P

yu trying to be funny kid?
Yep, what about you? You think you're funny if you spam, hack, advertise and threat to ddos people? You should just leave the community... or commit suicide. Really, I don't get why you're still hanging around here. It's not like you were liked among the people.
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