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Rooroo 2014

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Where do I put the music?

    <info gamemodes="race"  racemode="shooter" type="map" name="sh black and white" author="Roove" version="1.4"></info>
    <map src="sh-black-and-white.map" dimension="0"></map>
        <setting name="#skins" value='[ "cj" ]'></setting>
        <setting name="#maxplayers" value="[ 128 ]"></setting>
        <setting name="#useLODs" value="[ false ]"></setting>
        <setting name="#gamespeed" value="[ 1 ]"></setting>
        <setting name="#ghostmode" value='[ "false" ]'></setting>
        <setting name="#time" value="22:0"></setting>
        <setting name="#vehicleweapons" value='[ "false" ]'></setting>
        <setting name="#minplayers" value="[ 0 ]"></setting>
        <setting name="#respawntime" value="[ 5 ]"></setting>
        <setting name="#gravity" value="[ 0.0080000003799796104 ]"></setting>
        <setting name="#waveheight" value="[ 0 ]"></setting>
        <setting name="#weather" value="[ 10 ]"></setting>
        <setting name="#locked_time" value="[ true ]"></setting>
        <setting name="#duration" value="[ 1800 ]"></setting>
        <setting name="#respawn" value='[ "timelimit" ]'></setting>
    <script src="mapEditorScriptingExtension_s.lua" type="server"></script>
    <script src="mapEditorScriptingExtension_c.lua" type="client" validate="false"></script>
Edited by Romario Alvarez Ochoa
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