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Unban please.


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1. Nick: Ebullient, CL4P-TP


2. Date of ban: 2014-12-15 (around 1:00 AM GMT +2 time)

3.I was banned on the MTA MIX server

4. KaliBwoy was the admin who banned me



5. Reason why I got banned: I was rude and immature. Got my self into an argument that I could not win, and got carried away.
Started name-calling Kali.

6. I'm really sorry, it was late, I was tired and things just got out of hand. 
I'm sorry for my childish behavior, it won't happen again. 
I really like this server and would like to get back to playing as soon as possible.
Again, I want to apologize to Kali and all others who might have been insulted.

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