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The F7 button

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I want to talk about the music.

The F7 button opens the music search engine, but when you are looking for original song appears other absurd songs (One example is to look for the song "Its Time" by Imagine Dragons and only appear remixes).

I wish the original songs appear.

Traduced by Google Translate (I do not speak English) 


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Yes, this is a problem with soundcloud, there are alot of remixes on it.

Another problem is that some artist do not allow their songs to be streamed externally (an option in soundcloud), meaning we can't stream it ingame so it can not be found with the player.

I am going to include other music sources too when i have the time.


But it can also be an advantage, because lesser known artists are most of the time not on the "official" music databases.

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Guys, if you are looking for original normal songs in soundcloud u wont find them, its a place where everybody can upload them sounds and get known, hardly u will find original songs and also original and news... 


This is my likes and some playlists:







and more..

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