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MIX Shooter suggestion

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Please consider making shooter more fun. It sucks dieing really quick due to the fact that you might be noob(ish) and having to wait the whole map. And what do you know? We'll most likely replay the map and the same thing would occur.

So how about forcing all maps duration to be 5 mins. Let the first 2 minutes be total chaos by enabling respawn. Think about it, rockets flying all over the place. Killing sprees, raging, you name it. Then disable respawn and have it your way as it is now :) Oh and a giant warning should pop-up saying Respawn has been disabled.

Best of everything mates,

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Bad idea, ill use my 5 years Call of Duty experiences to tell you this will make a total Spawntrap/spawnkill 


ps: except if you change the spawns of all maps or make the players choose the respawn like Battlefield lol

You'll have GM on for a while. Same as how it is now.



oh men, gr8 idea, ill suggest it to CoD developers lol.

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