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Zombie Survival GMod Bug Reports

Guest AleksCore

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Guest AleksCore

- Vote for next map get stuck and don't change map;

- People get stuck in just spawned Weapon Crate;
- People get stuck as zombie bosses on many maps;
- Just spawned Weapon Crate destroy everything around;
- Barricade Guy just adds like 150HP to your nails and this is all. This suit costs 9000GC. Way too much. But lowering the price will be wrong solution.

- Combat mini-turret disappear after 1-3 fastie jump-hits old players said that this is kinda ok

- People get stuck in the roof (Raunchy House);

- If you use normal zombie and trying to respawn as another zombie, you have chance to NOT respawn, because you die and resurrect again as normal zombie;

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Guest AleksCore

I want to pay attention at this topic, so it's kinda UP!

Please report bugs/issues here. I will keep all bugs in first post to make work easier for Developers (Ywa?)

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