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Just some idea's for the server

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Helllo all, I'm DeStilleGast and this is also my first post here.


And by this post I want to say some thing and ideas.



- (dis)like button when map is finished. by those votes you/we can see if people liked the map or not.

- able to get out of the vote gui, when you voted, you dont want to wait 30 seconds for the map change, and if the server fails to change map you arent stuck in the gui, you can move and do some stupid stuff.

- and if the server failed with changing map recreate a vote, or force change to a random map (activate system after vote is ended and wait 2 minutes) (server failed already +3 times in the last 24hrs).

- if you spawn as boss, you get an gui to select an boss that you like and increse by 20-25% chance. (maybe with GC payment)

- able to change SP to GC, like you have 1000 SP you get 5 extra GC at the end of the round.



Fixes need (bugs):

- SeekerII boss doesnt have spawn callout ("DeStilleGast as been spawned as SeekerII").

- SeekerII boss doesnt have bossmusic.

- Nerf boss doenst have bossmusic.

- Server fails with switching map sometimes (as seen by some idea's).

- not sure if this is bug, but sometimes (most like) medic's slows down with speed and cant escape zombies.



These are just some things I really wanted/needed to say about this server. Just some small things that annoys me.




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