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1 spawn, ok, and? what is the problem? ghostmode on, remember.

And the other maps, why are "low quality, confusing and incorrect" ??


There's a maximum capacity of players on the server, currently 50. That explains it all, don't be asking what's the problem, you already should know what is. Anyway, I guess spawns are duplicated automatically when a map haven't got +49 spawns, just like DD. Try to be simple making your maps, don't be adding stuff everywhere, that makes it confusing. Never use ghostmode on shooter maps, just add 50 spawns on every map you make.

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I've already informed of how to do it, I understand the SH a ghostmode can't put there, but they've not been. And ALL maps have 50 Spawn except 1 NTS and 1 RTF. I have not put objects everywhere as you mentioned.

And it continues to maintain my opinion: many maps have only one server to spawn, and if I use the ghostmode not see the problem. Please review the maps more closely. If you look the way you know where you should go to all the maps. But if you do not think you can raise at least continue upload those good.

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  • 2 weeks later...

SH Monster - Uploaded for now


DD perm - Uploaded


The rest was not uploaded;




Scripts like race-huntbot, puma markers, RandomMarkers should be used with <include>. The server should have a copy so it does not have to be copy pasted in every map
  • <include resource="Puma-Markers" />
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