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Better /ignore command

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 Well needless to say that /ignore command isn't that effective 

You can ignore a player but if he: talks in IRC, uses "U" key to chat (inter-server chat) , reconnects or changes name he can still spam/annoy you (there are a couple of players who come to spam and piss people off instead of playing the game itself)
So i suggested that you enable /ignore command to permanently mute any messages from nicknames that log in with a certain account (EX: i use /ignore <NOOB> , this allowing the command to mute the Account itself, not just the nickname, thus making the targeted player unable to send you any messages in forum mail, IRC, server chat, or inter-server chat.)
 Thats my suggestion, please leave your opinions .

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Ignore command works with serial, not with nickname. So the player would still be ignored when changing nicks.

Since IRC does not work with serials, it can't know what to ignore.


Interchat ignore won't be a problem when the servers merge.


To be honest, /ignore helps you ignore players, sure they can still hop in IRC to talk, but you got to have some self-control aswell. No problem then.

I dont see the /ignore being mrgreen wide happening.

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