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Hello, I am a member of this community. I had an idea that you might be interested since warp is not very active for his personal reasons, I think that would be fine with two administrators function.
Ever, told me he is very busy, and do their work alone is difficult. For this reason I propose that.
I would like to do so much to help this great community, besides I like to make and edit maps. But if you haven't the suficient confidence, I ask you to please another person u do.
Thank you for your attention.

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Oh ok, i don't know it, but (O)_(O) and SkyNet almost never upload maps. And Warp is very inactive. His last upload was almost two weeks ago. I don't blame it, but i wich to more activity in uploading maps, only this.


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I don't think we need more map uploaders. SkyNet is doing well at Race and Warp as well. Warp keeps uploading NTS, SH and DD all the time. Barely someone making CTF or RTF so Warp feels its unnecessary to upload maps that no need for it.


 (Just an Opinion :P)   

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